Childhood Hymn No. 1 is a film which pairs footage from my family's VHS home movies with a horror-esque score to create an altogether bizarre experience.

The Longest Straw is an upcoming documentary by Samantha Bode. Score by Danny Hynds.

Until Dawn is an animated film by Kaylee SooHyun Lee about a woman who relives the horror of her lover's death until she is awoke by the stark reality of passing time. Score by Danny Hynds.

Official Selections and Screenings: -The 13th Squeaky Wheels Animation Festival -Bucheon International Animation Festival 2016 -Manchester Animation Festival 2016 -CutOut Fest International Animation and Digital Art Festival 2016 -Holland Animation Film Festival 2017 -Les Femmes Underground International Film Festival 2017 -Los Angeles Lift-Off Film Festival Online selection 2017 -San Jose Shorts Film Festival 2017

Aquatic Synapse (The Happiest Place in You) is an experimental animated film by Danny Hynds and cinematographer Corey Florin. Recitations by Kaylee SooHyun Lee. ***Contains Strobing Lights***

Ash/Ghost is a poetry film by Danny Hynds and Kaylee SooHyun Lee.

Regret (San Junipero) is a poetry film by Danny Hynds. Narration performed by Rachel Iba. Filmed by Corey Florin.